Green roof systems

A sophisticated system comprising different components compensates the functions of the area of ground that is missing and guarantees a durable plant covering on rooftops:

1. Root Barrier

Protects the waterproofing of the roof from penetration by plant roots.

2. Moisture Retention / Protection Mat

Protects the root barrier from mechanical damage, as well as retaining water and nutrients.

3. Drainage Layer

Retains rainwater in troughs on the upperside, whilst the surplus water is safely drained away. Necessary ventilation to the root area is also guaranteed.

4. Filter Sheet

Prevents fine particles from being washed out of the substrate soil, thereby ensuring the efficiency of the drainage layer.

5. Growing Layer

Consists of ZinCo system substrate, the perfect growing medium. It suits the needs of the green roof vegetation and provides for a stable growing environment.

6. Plant Level

Drought-resistant and robust plants like sedum-species up to demanding shrubs, bushes and even trees.

ZinCo Green Roof Systems